About Us

About Us

Eucalie (comes from the word ‘Eucalyptus’) is a modern lifestyle brand that provides high performing organic and natural skin care and body care products, made from premium ingredients. Backed by leading chemists and organic skin care formulators, Eucalie was established with the goal to provide innovative and advanced performance, yet safe and clever personal care products that deliver results.

Our mission is to help every individual to reduce his/her exposure to every-day chemicals, because we believe what we inhale or apply on our skin will be absorbed into our body. With this in mind, we have researched every single ingredient thoroughly and tested their effectiveness and safety for daily use. All products are formulated with premium, high-performing ingredients that are FREE from harsh chemicals (paraben, sulfate, fragrance, phthalates, PEG, mineral oil, etc) and SAFE for children and sensitive skin.

By using our products, we wanted people to nurture and heal their body, mind, and soul, and ultimately, to be able to renew their sense of balance and peace.

Our Values

As Eucalie continues to grow, our core values remain the same.
We want to create the best product for you & the same products we use for our families, because we believe that: every family deserves a healthier future.

Our mission is to empower people to live healthy by providing safer products that are:

  • Made only with highest quality, premium natural & Certified Organic Ingredients with science-based technology
  • High performing and effective
  • Expertly researched
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Safe for children & sensitive skin
  • Cruelty Free (no animal testing)
  • Halal

Our Philosophy

CLEAN Ingredients
Our formulas are born out of an obsession to go above and beyond the highest standard in safety, quality, and care. Thus, every ingredient at Eucalie has been carefully researched and selected to deliver exceptional results. We spend a lot of time choosing what ingredient is good for you. At Eucalie, there's no compromise. The EU bans 1400 unsafe skincare ingredients. But we go further, and we refuse to use over 2000. Each ingredient has been carefully researched in the EWG Skin Deep Database, with safety rating between of 0-1 (the safest), according to the database. We have research every ingredient, so you don’t have to. 

We hope that you'll enjoy using our products as much as we do.

Enjoy in our goodness and be well 😊