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Elegant, Double Layer Glass Sprayer Mist Bottle.

 Size: 5ml.


This travel size, 5 ml glass sprayer bottle is a perfect solution to convert your favorite essential oils into face or body or room mist.

It’s elegantly designed to fit in your purse and is lightweight enough to carry anywhere.

It’s made from high quality glass material inside to store essential oil, covered by an outside layer to prevent breakage. It’s lightweight and durable.

Choose from 3 different elegant colors: Grey, Black, Silver.



To make Face/Body/Room Mist: fill in the glass bottle with water. Simply add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Shake well before use.

To carry Body Oil on the go: fill in the glass bottle with Calm or Protect Mosquito Repellent body oil to protect and hydrate your skin anywhere at anytime.


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