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Size: 20ml

100% Pure, Argan Oil (Certified Organic )

Argan oil has been called as ‘Liquid Gold’ or ‘Miracle Oil’ due to its ability to deeply nourish and restore skin and hair, as well as to reduce signs of aging. Eucalie’s Argan Oil is extracted from Argan nuts in Morocco through Cold Process, using the most advanced technology in order to retain its highest nutrients and essential fatty acids.

It has gained Organic Certification from ECOCERT to guarantee its authenticity, pureness, and highest level of quality.


Use daily as Facial Serum, Eye Serum, or Hair Serum in order to:


-Soften lines, wrinkles and prevent aging

-Repair skin texture and increase suppleness

-Moisturize dry skin or dry patches on face, elbows, knees.

-Soothe damaged and irritated skin.

-Hydrate cuticles & nails

-Boost collagen

-Add nutrients, shines, and healthy glow to hair.

Suitable for all skin types.


100% Organic.

Certified Organic by ECOCERT


NO Paraben

NO Fragrance

NO Artificial Color

NO Preservative



Put 2-3 drops on the palm of your hand and apply into face, underneath eyes, or hair and gently massage into your skin, hair, or nail.

Can also be used as under eye treatment serum or to hydrate dry, rough patches on knees and elbows.


Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil*.

*Certified Organic
*ECOCERT Approved


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