We are committed to provide you with the best quality products, made from the highest quality ingredients that are safe, even for children and sensitive skin, at affordable price. 

Our products contains:
NO Paraben
NO Fragrance
NO Artificial Color
NO Pthalate
NO Mineral Oil
NO Silicone
NO Petroleum
NO other harsh chemicals

What makes EUCALIE different? 

At Eucalie, we only use premium ingredients that deliver results. Our formulators have more than 10 years experience in natural and organic skincare world and we research every single ingredient to ensure the safety for your daily use. We've done all the homework, so you don't have to do yours :)

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oils are natural oils distilled from plants. They give plants, flowers, fruit their wonderful smell. Essential oils have been used in centuries due to their tremendous health benefits. Certain oils can have healing properties for skin, while others can promote positive mood, reduce stress/fatigue, fight bacterial infection, and relief breathing issues. They can also help our body to help itself by stimulating neurons and organs to function properly.

Some commercial essential oils are perfumed grade oils. Synthetic chemicals or perfume are often added during the process. Although they smell good, they do not offer health benefits and can be hazardous to health over long period of time.
Eucalie’s essential oils smell wonderful and are 100% Pure, Therapeutic grade, with NO added chemicals. 

How do I use Essential Oil?

1. Aromatherapy:
  • Diffusing: use with diffuser/oil burner/humidifier.
  • Inhalation: place the bottle below the nose or add a few drops of oil into hot water and inhale the steam.
2. Topically:
  • Massage: mix a few drops with your favorite massage oil/body lotion.
  • Over Reflex Point: apply on the reflex point on the bottom of the feet/hands. For sensitive skin, dilute before use.
  • Hot or Cold compress: soak a towel in hot/cold water, add a few drops of essential oil, and place over targeted area.
3. Externally:
  • Air purifier or odor remover: place a few drops around the house/car/inside wardrobe/any surfaces around you.
  • Bath or foot soak: place a few drops on your bathtub/foot soak/shower walls to create a at-home spa experience.
Most essential oils are safe when used properly. The following is a few guidelines on            essential oil use:
  • Do not eat or drink essential oil.
  • Avoid eye areas and keep essential oils out of the reach of children.
  • For children, always dilute essential oils with a suitable carrier oil before applying it to the skin. People with sensitive skin should always perform a skin patch test before using essential oils.
  • Do not use essential oils on babies unless directed by medical professionals.
  • If you are pregnant, lactating or suffer from epilepsy, hypertension (high blood pressure), have cancer or liver damage, or any other medical condition, only use essential oils under guidance of a medical professionals. Experts recommend NOT using essential oils at all during the first trimester.Always wash your hands after handling pure undiluted essential oils.
  • Check for any interaction between medication and essential oils, since some essential oils can interfere with certain prescription medication.
  • When using essential oils that cause sun sensitivity (like most citrus oils) people should take care to avoid exposure to the sun.


Some examples on product usage for certain conditions, are listed below:
  • Acne = Tea Tree EO
  • Air Purification = Immunity EO, Immunity Roll On, Purify EO
  • Anti Aging = Frankincense EO, Miracle Argan Oil, Lavender EO, Protect Body Oil, Calm Body Oil
  • Anti Bacterial = Orange EO, Tea Tree EO
  • Anti Depression = Orange EO, Joy EO, Joy Roll On, Peace Roll On, Peppermint EO, Breathe EO
  • Anxiety = Peace Roll On
  • Asthma = Peppermint EO, Breathe EO
  • Calming = Lavender EO, Breathe EO, Peace Roll On
  • Cellulite = Orange EO
  • Cold & Flu/Congestion  = Breathe EO, Immunity EO, Immunity Roll On, Relieve Vapor Balm, Peppermint EO
  • Concentration/Memory/Focus = Rosemary EO, Peppermint EO, Orange EO
  • Cough = Relieve Vapor Balm, Breathe EO
  • Dandruff = Tea Tree EO, Restore Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
  • Dermatitis = Pure Soap, Calm Body Oil, Relax Soap, Heal All Purpose Balm
  • Diet/Reduce Desire to Snack = Peppermint EO
  • Dry Skin = Relax Soap, Heal All Purpose Balm, Protect Body Oil, Calm Body Oil, Coconut Oil
  • Eczema = Coconut Oil, Calm Body Oil, Pure Soap
  • Energizing = Orange EO, Purify EO, Protect Body Oil
  • Fever = Peppermint EO, Frankincense EO
  • Hair & Scalp = Coconut Oil, Restore Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
  • Hair Growth = Rosemary EO, Restore Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
  • Happiness = Joy EO, Joy Roll On
  • Headaches/Fatigue = Peppermint EO, Frankincense EO, Relieve Vapor Balm
  • Immunity = Frankincense EO, Immunity EO, Immunity Roll On
  • Insect Bites = Tea Tree EO, Lavender EO
  • Insect Repellent = Lavender EO, Purify EO, Protect Body Oil
  • Irritation = Lavender EO, Calm Body Oil, Coconut Oil
  • Itchy Scalp = Rosemary EO, Peppermint EO, Restore Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil
  • Joyful Mood = Joy EO, Joy Roll On
  • Massage = Coconut Oil, Harmony Vegetable Oil Blend, Calm Body Oil, Protect Body Oil
  • Muscle Fatigue = Relieve Vapor Balm
  • Odor Remover = Peppermint EO, Purify EO, Orange EO, Joy EO, Joy Roll On
  • Oily Skin = Fresh Soap
  • Peaceful Mind = Peace Roll On
  • Psoriasis = Pure Soap, Calm Body Oil
  • Pain/Inflammation = Frankincense EO, Lavender EO
  • Relaxing = Calm Body Oil
  • Sensitive Skin = Pure Soap, Coconut Oil
  • Sinus and Allergy = Peppermint EO, Breathe EO
  • Skin Brightening = Orange EO
  • Sleep = Lavender EO, Calm Body Oil, Breathe EO
  • Stomach Discomfort = Peppermint EO, Relieve Vapor Balm
  • Stress = Frankincense EO, Orange EO, Lavender EO, Joy EO, Joy Roll On, Peace Roll On
  • Uplifting = Joy EO, Joy Roll On, Protect Body Oil


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