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Size: 10ml

Lavender Oil 100% Pure, Certified Organic 

Aroma: floral, sweet, herbaceous.

Ingredient: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil*.

*Certified Organic

*ECOCERT Approved

Benefits: calming, improving sleep quality, soothing irritation, anti-aging, insect repellent.


Suggested use::

  • Relaxing aromatherapy: place a few drops into water inside diffuser/oil burner/humidifier.
  • Sleep aid: sprinkle on bed sheets/ pillow/blanket to promote good night sleep.
  • Eczema/skin irritation/minor cuts: apply 1 drop to soothe irritation. Dilute before use to prevent sensitivity.
  • Natural deodorizer: Add a few drops  on cotton balls and place it in wardrobe/drawers/old purses to give a nice scent and to repel insects.
  • Bath/foot soak: place a few drops on your bathtub filled with water/foot soak/shower walls to create a at-home spa experience.
  • Face/Body Mist: Mix 10 drops in a 50 ml spray bottle of water to make a face/body/hair mist to help promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of aging, and promote healthy looking hair. Shake well before use.


100% Pure

NO Fragrance / Parfum

NO Preservative

NO other harsh chemical


External use only. Not for internal consumption.

For sensitive skin, dilute with carrier oil (such as olive/coconut oil) or lotion before use. Possible skin sensitivity. During pregnancy/breastfeeding, consult your physician. Keep away from sunlight.


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